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Everything you want to know about birthstones

What is a birthstone and what do they mean?

Experts believe that the concept of birthstones dates back to biblical times. It is said that as early as the first century, Romano-Jewish historian, Josephus, discovered a connection between the 12 stones of high priest Aaron’s breastplate, the zodiac signs, and the months of the year. Around the 16th century in Poland, it was fashionable to wear a different one every month.

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How do birthstones actually work?

Birthstones are more than just gems that align with each month. Each of them has a healing property that connects with the signs of the zodiac. They also serve as a way to cleanse, purify and balance the aura. The natural energy found in birthstones can ease anxieties, boost confidence, and help relationships/

They can also be used to charge water (to drink and bathe in), as well as a detox. Some practice full moon rituals around their birthstone. Basically, anything related to self-love, self care and healing.